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What to Bring to the RD Exam: 3 Common Questions

We get asked a LOT of questions about the RD Exam. Here are three of the most common questions that we get asked about the RD Exam along with some insight and tips for exam day.

Can I bring my calculator to the RD Exam? 

Unfortunately, no! That tried and true T1-503 model that you’ve been using since forever can’t go into the exam with you.

There’s actually information that you need to know about using a calculator on the RD Exam. This was especially important for me because it threw me off when I went to the testing center and all I could use was an on-screen calculator. And when something unexpected throws me off in a testing environment, it makes me nervous! Each testing center is different, but some testing centers will let you check out a standard handheld calculator to use on the RD Exam. 

If you are worried about the calculator situation, call ahead to your testing center to see what type of calculator you will use for the RD Exam. If you find out that you will only be able to use an on-screen calculator, then you will need to practice using an on-screen calculator using your mouse to click the numbers and functions. Either way, be prepared.

Do I get scratch paper to work out problems on the RD Exam? 

Yes, you will receive a marker board/marker or a dry erase spiral bound-book with a marker. I luckily received a spiral bound book with a marker so I had multiple pages to work with. 

How long should I prep for the RD Exam? 

This is a hard question to answer because each person is different. We ask follow-up questions like…  

Are you working a job?

Balancing work and exam preparation can be challenging. It’s important to manage your time effectively, possibly setting aside dedicated study periods and utilizing weekends or days off for more intensive review.

Are you a caregiver for children or taking care of a family member?

Family responsibilities can add another layer of complexity. Communication and support from family members are crucial. Discuss your study schedule and make arrangements for additional help during peak study times.

How long has it been since you graduated from your internship?

The time since graduation can impact your familiarity with the material. If it’s been a while, consider a comprehensive review of key concepts and staying updated on any recent changes or developments in the field.

Have you taken the exam before?

If you have taken the exam before and did not pass, analyze your performance to identify weak areas. Adjust your study plan accordingly, focusing more on those specific topics to improve your chances of success.

Do you have commitments that will interfere with your study time?

    Identify potential commitments that might interfere with your study schedule and find ways to manage them. Communicate your priorities to those involved and try to create a supportive environment that allows for focused study sessions.

    These are all really important questions that you need to ask yourself when you are planning out your study calendar. If it takes you 3-4 months to study 30 minutes each day because you are working and taking care of your Mom at home, that’s ok!

    Personally, it took me three months to study for the RD Exam because I was working full time and could only devote 1-2 hours of studying time each day. This allowed me to pace through the information and retain the knowledge that I needed to pass the exam on the first try. My peers were taking the exam and passing after a few weeks or months of studying. I had to remember that their situations were different, and that I had to do what I needed to do. 

    Key takeaway about this, do not use other peoples experiences as a litmus for how long you should study for the exam. This information is completely subjective and does not take into account one of the most important factors- YOU! This is your journey, so make sure that you feel prepared and confident about exam day and that you haven’t scheduled it too soon because that’s what everyone else was doing.

    Want more info about exam day along with some helpful resources? Head over to the Pearson Vue website to learn more about what to expect at a Pearson Vue testing center on exam day.

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