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The RD exam is tough. But with our unique exam prep approach, you’ll be even tougher.

Get an edge on the RD exam with evidence-based methods.

The RD exam is notoriously difficult. That’s why we use an evidence-based learning approach with a variety of study techniques, including live workshops, self-paced online learning, printed guides, and more.

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We understand what today’s dietetics students need to know––because we’re dietitians ourselves! Our real-world dietetics insight means that after taking our course, you’ll have the knowledge you need to pass the exam and thrive in the dietetics field.

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No matter your budget or your schedule, we’ve got something for you. All our courses offer you a great value and the full support of Sage Nutrition Associates in your journey toward becoming a registered dietitian.

Offerings for Aspiring Dietitians

The Sage RD Exam Prep Course

Live, comprehensive review of all subject areas on the RD exam.

This two-day virtual workshop gives you the best study strategies and most need-to-know information for the RD exam. You’ll get two full days of live instruction, an online self-study course, a physical study guide, and more––all for just $289.

Math Principles for Dietetics Course

Focused prep for tackling the RD exam’s toughest math problems.

We’ll take you step-by-step through the kind of difficult math problems you’ll find on the RD exam. The course includes two hours of video instruction, handouts with need-to-know formulas, quizzes, answer rationales, and more. And it’s the most affordable RD prep resource on the market at just $50.

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