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Math Principles for Dietetics

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A student and faculty favorite, the Math Principles for Dietetics online course is self-paced, flexible, and one of the best-value RD exam prep resources available.

math principles for dietetics sage nutrition associates

Math Principles for Dietetics

You’re prepping for one of the trickiest parts of the RD exam. And we’re here to help! 

Math Principles for Dietetics takes you step-by-step through difficult math word problems similar to those on the RD exam. 

Peek over the shoulder of your own registered dietitian tutor––and learn to answer tough math questions like a pro in a few short hours!

Math Principles
for Dietetics


NOW $50!

By the end of this course, you will:

  • Calculate math problems from clinical and food service management from beginning to end
  • Know what math calculations to anticipate for the RD exam
  • Approach questions with confidence and ease using simple strategies

Enroll now for instant access to:

  • Two hours of video instruction 
  •  Handouts with need-to-know formulas and conversions  
  • A warm-up math exercise, quizzes, and answer rationales
  • A library of RD exam style questions

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