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In 2017, we set out with the vision to bring intentional, fully-comprehensive RD exam preparation to the modern student. Today, we’re still forging our way — committed to teaching and refining the virtual RD exam review workshop.

Our mission is to create high quality RD exam review materials and engaging workshops. We do this by using evidence-based teaching methods and incorporating invaluable feedback we get from instructors and students. 

Our goal? To strengthen the connection between knowledge of the RD exam topics and practice in the next generation of dietetics professionals. We hope to see all dietetic students and registered dietitians thrive in their professional lives

Our approach to RD exam review is multi-faceted. We combine live lectures, a resource website with sample exams, and a textbook-style exam review guide. 

Our live lectures are designed to help you self-evaluate and learn more about your areas of improvement so you can walk away with an individualized study plan — and feel confident during your RD exam study process.

The bottom line is we work with and for our students. Their input, feedback, and needs shape our course content and design so we can better serve them — now and in the future. 

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Sage Nutrition

Laura Sexton

MPH, RDN, LDN & Co-Founder

Laura has been passionate about educating others since she began her role as a teaching assistant in chemistry lab. 

While earning a double undergraduate degree in foods in nutrition and health promotion, she tutored others at Appalachian State University as a way to teach herself and others difficult concepts. 

After she graduated, Laura worked in a hospital kitchen, learning all of the jobs, from cooking patient food to diet technician, and eventually moved up to a position as an inpatient clinical dietitian.

Laura taught Nutrition courses and researched topics related to cooking literacy, body image, and disordered eating at UNC Asheville

She also worked for Chartwells Higher Ed at UNC Asheville in the areas of foodservice management, sustainability, community outreach, and food access and security. 

In 2021, Laura managed two Covid-19 research projects in collaboration with UNC Asheville, UNC-Chapel Hill, and the Mountain Area Health Education Center (MAHEC). 

Laura currently co-leads the Food Waste Solutions Steering Committee in Western North Carolina.

Lauren’s areas of passion are in education, leadership, and clinical nutrition. In her professional career as an RD, she coordinated a dietetic internship program, taught undergraduate and graduate nutrition courses, and has extensive experience as a clinical dietitian and as a clinical nutrition manager. 

Lauren has implemented MNT in the ICU, behavioral health, renal, med-surge, neuro-medical rehabilitation, inpatient eating disorders, nutrition education through one-on-one outpatient counseling, outpatient diabetes education, and cardio-pulmonary nutrition.

Her passion for leadership led her to hold varying roles in the local and state dietetics association and community non-profits including Loving Food Resources and Master Gardeners.

Along her journey, she’s developed and refined an engaging educational style. When you work with Lauren, you’ll quickly see that she likes to have fun, laugh, and challenge your thinking.

Lauren works as a consultant clinical dietitian in various facilities across Western North Carolina. She is currently working at an inpatient eating disorder rehabilitation center. 

Sage Nutrition

Lauren Brady

MA, RD, LDN & Co-Founder