Math Principles

for Dietetics

If you are like many RD 2 Be’s out there, math problems can be, well, tricky. If you have difficulty breaking down math word problems like the ones on the Registered Dietitian Exam, you have come the right place. The Math Principles Online Course is like having your own math tutor to show you how to unpackage those tricky problems step-by-step.

What do I get in the Math Principles Course?

Step-by-Step Videos

Like having your own registered dietitian math tutor. Take a peek “over our shoulders” to see exactly how we break down tough math word problems like those found on the Registered Dietitian Exam. With over two hours of video instruction, no step is left to the imagination.

Questions Galore

With over 180 questions in this course, you will get exposure to a plethora of math questions that cover clinical, financial and food service management.

Warm-Up Exercise

The warm-up exercise is designed to get your brain juiced up and ready to answer math questions in the course. This tool will also help you identify those areas of math where you may need additional work.(fractions, ahhhh!!)

Nifty Print-Outs

Download and print out your copies of the Conversion Chart and Formula sheet. You will need these sheets as you work through questions in the course. These are a great resource as you move into your first years of dietetics practice!

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