Flexible & Customized

Options to help your interns.

We take a flexible approach to meet the needs of your internship by offering both standard and customized packages to distance and local internships. Whether you value in-person workshops or prefer to give your students access to virtual group study sessions or online self-paced courses, we offer flexible and affordable package options.

We’ve identified common knowledge gaps through our work with students which informs our course development and content. For example, we created a Math Principles for Dietetics online course because many of our students lacked foundational math skills and we were frustrated with hearing “I’m not a math person.”

The Sage Nutrition Exam Review Guide, in-person workshops, and virtual workshops are resource-intensive, yet succinct, to provide students with the tools they need to succeed.

We have several set packages; however, we are happy to work with you and the needs of your internship to customize an RD exam review package.

If you wish to have Sage Nutrition Associates hold an exam review workshop for your students, please contact us. We require a minimum number of attendees (based on geographic location) to hold an in-person workshop. We are happy to work with you on those details.

Virtual RD Exam Review Workshop

$ 250
  • Study Anywhere App
  • Online Portal Access
  • Email Support
  • Printed & Shipped Exam Review Guide
  • Student Support Call
  • 2 Day Live-Stream Workshop

Math Principles for Dietetics Online Course

$ 50
  • Study Anywhere App
  • Math Principles Course

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