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  1. Study Tips and Sample Questions
  2. Management Calculations & Cheat Sheet
  3. P.E.S. Matrix
  4. Study Calendar Template
  5. Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Create Flash Cards & Concept Maps

The Study Tips includes strategies, tips and tricks for setting your study schedule, effective study habits, sifting through difficult topics and sample RD exam questions.

The Management Calculations Cheat Sheet includes need-to-know management calculations for the RD exam. Break-even analysis 2 ways, scoop size, meals per labor hour and most importantly, sample RD exam questions with step-by-step rationales.

Discover the secrets to making a great P.E.S. statement. The P.E.S. Matrix makes it easy to navigate nutrition diagnosis for a variety of disease states including obesity, eating disorders, underweight, renal disease and more!  Get this awesome print-out to put in your binder or pin it up on your wall. The P.E.S. Matrix is a great resource for nutrition students and dietetic interns.

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