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Online courses are a great option for students who may benefit from the flexibility, reduced expense and accessibility of an online platform.

Math Principles in Dietetics

This online course takes you side-by-side with us as your own math tutor. “Take a peek over our shoulders” and we’ll show you exactly how to break down word problems like those found on the Registered Dietitian Exam.

With over two hours of video instruction, you see every step. Access the course from mobile devices (currently only available for Apple devices) using a digital app and study while on the go.

With over 180 questions in this course, you will be exposed to a variety of math questions that cover clinical, financial and food service management concepts.  You can download and print resources as you work through questions within the course. These are great resources as you move into your dietetics practice.

2021 Virtual Registered Dietitian
Exam Review Workshop

$ 275
  • Study Anywhere App
  • Online Portal Access
  • Email Support
  • Printed & Shipped Exam Review Guide
  • Student Support Call
  • 2 Day Live-Stream Workshop

Math Principles for Dietetics
Online Course

$ 50
  • Study Anywhere App
  • Math Principles Course