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Over the years of working with thousands of students in the classroom, and applying research-based study strategies, we have uncovered the secrets to study success. 

We focus on study strategies and teaching techniques to help you effectively break down tough situational exam questions, build your critical thinking skills, and give you the tools you need to feel confident on test day.

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Megan, RD
Megan, RD
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Passed the CDR exam on my first attempt using Sage RD Exam Prep Course and Pocket Prep! Loved all the study resources included in this course like Math Principles, zoom sessions every other week going over concepts/exam-like questions, practice quizzes/mock-exams, a review guide, and so much more. Laura and Lauren were amazing to work with and fun to learn from!
Lesley, RD
Lesley, RD
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Sage is a great resource to study for the RD exam. I used the book they provided as my foundation for studying. What I also found useful was the account with resources provided through this program. There are explanation videos for most topics to watch at your own pace, as well as practice questions and printable worksheets that helped me focus my study sessions. I would recommend this resource to help other students study for and pass the RD exam, such as I did!
Katie, RD
Katie, RD
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Sage was great! There are practice exams with rationale and quizzes. The worksheets were also super helpful. The review guide book was a great resource to narrow down the most important things to focus on for the RD exam and has been a good reference guide since passing my exam (on the first try!).
Cailyn, RD
Cailyn, RD
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Sage Nutrition Associates was the final step I needed to help me pass the RD exam! I loved how organized the program is with printable worksheets, step-by-step videos, and checklists I could use along the way. Definitely worth the money, I highly recommend!

Why Sage Nutrition Associates?

We’re your RD Exam experts. Not only are we Registered Dietitians, we are the content creators and workshop instructors. We know what the current dietetics student needs to study for the RD exam. 

With education expertise backed by 20+ years of experience in the fields of clinical dietetics, food service management, and higher education, we provide insight from the from the real world while incorporating evidence-based learning techniques that aid in optimal knowledge retention.

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